Friday, October 17, 2008

Grocery Shopping with Twins!

Let me start with...people are just stupid. There is no rhyme or reason they are just stupid.

So I took the kids grocery shopping with me yesterday. This is a normal occurance in our house. Since Jeff works a lot I usually take both to the grocery store with me. Well yesterday we went to BJ's and Super Wal-Mart, and before I could even get in the door at BJ's the stupid people were out. I had put the twins in the snap and go stroller, since it is a little difficult to put them both in the shopping cart, and was grabbing a shopping cart outside because I had a box of diapers to exchange. This nice lady walks up to me and says, "Oh dear, I wish I could help you." Do I look like I need help?? I do this all the time. Well, I guess she was just trying to be nice. Then there was the guy that works at BJ's. I was walking in with my stroller and my shopping cart and he grabs my shopping cart and says," Oh, I am going that way...I will push this for you." Well, that was very nice of him....was that his idea of a pick up line??? He then proceeded to tell me all about is 22-month old daughter. Guess it wasn't a pick up line. LOL. Obviously I looked interested so he kept talking! I just want to do my grocery shopping, leave me alone! Well then it went from bad to worse. I returned my diapers and went on about my shopping, but every 20 feet or so I was stopped in my tracks. For some reason when people see twins in the grocery store or anywhere for that matter they have to say," stop...I want to see." They must not understand how busy I am and that stopping puts me behind schedule. Remember I feed the kids before we leave the house and I only have a 2 1/2 hour window to get the shopping done...because then it is time to eat again. I can't stop for every Tom, Dick, and Harry!

Ok...well I finally made it through BJ' to pack the car. It is amazing to me how people think. One lady walked up to me and said,"wow, you have your hands full" Do I? It's like they think I have never heard that phrase before. I proceeded to smile and load my trunk with all my groceries. Then I drove over to Super Wal-Mart.

Well I think all the stupid people followed me. I met this nice little old man....he walked passed me....backed up...and then they twins? I hesitated for a moment, trying to come up with some smart remark that wouldn't sound too rude...unfortunately nothing nice came to mind...I guess it took me too long to answer because he asked again...are they twins...I just smiled and nodded. Then he stepped it up a notch and boy and a did it all in one shot. You're all done! Who is he to say that I am finished having children??? Does he know my husband??? I really feel like I can have as amany kids as I choose. As far as I am concerned people need to mind their own business.

You know it is funny. Right after I had the tiwns my mom was here for 4 weeks, and when we would take them out people would ask us if they were twins. I really wanted to say..."Nope...that is my little brother and this is her grand-daughter." I really wish I could have seen the astonished look on their faces. People are ridiculous!!!

My personal favorite comment though is this..."wow I can't believe you take them both out by yourself." Well, honestly what would you recommend that I do? Leave them home alone...wait...maybe my dog can babysit. Yeah, not seeing any other way to go grocery shopping. But thanks for the idea!!! People are just stupid....there is no other way to put it.

I wish I had a smart remark that would shut people up....well I will leave the rest for another day of shopping!

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Amy said...

I have to tell you that I hate hearing the comment "Oh, you have a boy and a girl! Now you can quit!"

My first thought is, who the hell do these people think they are, telling me how many kids to have? My family's size was never dependent upon what gender kids I have.

I'm glad that you might not be done yet. I might not be done either. But we don't plan on having more for a long while. Probably not until Dot is gone. (smart, huh?) Mom deserves more than 4 grandchildren anyway. ;)