Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ella ... and the helmet

So today we went to pick up Ella's new helmet.

I thought that I was going to be a total basket case, but I actually did very well. She really does look cute with it on. It was very surprising to me how well she acted when the doctor put it on her for the first time. She tolerated it very well. That little girl of mine...she's a trooper.

The rest of the day today and all day tomorrow she will wear it for 1 hour and then it will be off for 1 hour. She doesn't have to wear it for nap time and bedtime until Friday...PRAY!!!! She hasn't been tolerating it so well since we have been home. She does fine when she is sitting up, being held or playing in her jumper, but the minute I put her in the bouncy seat or swing she seems to get a little frustrated.

Even though it is time consuming putting the helmet on and taking the helmet off...I know I have the better end of the deal. It must be uncomfortable laying with this hard helmet on all the time. I just keep telling myself it is only for a short period of time....we can manage...I am sure it will get easier when she gets used to it.

Here is a picture of my pretty little princess in her butterfly helmet...
Isn't she adorable???

And then there was food!!!!

The next step in parenting...SOLID FOOD!!! It was a scary thought, and honestly I wasn't really ready to give in to anything besides bottles, but Everett seemed to want more. Obviously I can't say no to Everett...he's just so cute...so I went and bought some rice cereal and this morning we tried it for the first time.

Everett was a huge fan. He had a little trouble in the beginning knowing how to swallow what was in his mouth, but he quickly got the hang of it. When I would pause for a moment he would grunt like...come on mom, I want more!...so I gave him more. He seemed to really enjoy food. Ella also had a bit of trouble swallowing what was in her mouth, and she really didn't catch on as easily as Everett did...but tomorrow is another day. I am sure that she will get the hang of it soon.

I attached some photos of our first adventure in the world of solid food. Hope you like them. Now on to bigger and better things.