Saturday, October 4, 2008

Almost 4 months and counting.....

Man...time flies when your having fun....I can't believe that the twins are already almost 4 months old. They are getting so big so fast. We haven't been to the doctor since their 2 month appointment and I am sure that Everett weighs almost 17lbs and Ella weighs close to 15 or 16lbs. They are going to be out of their infant car seats sooner than I imagined. It feels like it took them forever to get out of the newborn size, but now they have jumped right in to 6-9 month clothing.

There is a fun side to them getting bigger though...they have great laughs. The other night we were at the in-laws, and I was tickling Ella....she was cracking up! She has the cutest little laugh and Everett just loves to look at his daddy. Their personalities are really beginning to show. In the beginning Everett was always more laid back and calm. Not to say that he isn't laid back and calm now, but he is learning that he has a voice and he is letting us know that he knows how to use it. Ella has always been more high maintenance. I know that sounds like a bad thing, but remember she is a daughter! I will say that the day to day drama of constantly spitting up and screaming has slowed down. She is learning to keep her food in her belly for the most part and she loves naps now.

All I can say is this is the biggest adventure of my life, and I am trying to experience it to the fullest! Pray for us...and them...we all need it.

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